Bohumín is the northernmost part of the Cieszyn-Silesian region. The important points of this region are cities Karvina and bordering Cieszyn and Czech Ciesyn.

The most attractive part of the region, however, are Těšínské Beskydy, which are a very popular tourist attraction. Another attraction of Cieszyn - Silesian region are both architectural style and folklore. The atmosphere of wooden buildings, preserving traditional crafts, folk customs and traditions give visitors to forget about the line between the past and the present. For the rest, but especially for therapeutic purposes, there are used sources of iodine-bromine mineral water in the famous spa of Darkov.

For tourists and visitors of Bohumín in Cieszyn-Silesian region we offer a variety of tourist attractions, natural attractions Border meanders with a nature trail for hikers and watermen. In Bohumín you can ride through on a bike or even virtually. In the town at the confluence of both Odra and Olza rivers many interesting cultural sites can be found,  as well as attractive accommodation in a former water tower, sports and recreational complex with indoor swimming pool and a stadium for both winter and summer sports (BOSPOR -  sport places in Bohumin),either offering entertainment of adventure golf for all generations (opened since June 2012).