Before starting the trip, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the map. If you are using a bicycle, you can use one of the cycle routes. The visitor can see cultural monuments or visit one of the tourist attractions. If you are from a family of sightseers, then we invite you to visit the cultural monuments that have survived the centuries in the city. After decades, the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary from the 15th century in Stary Bohumín became a renewed place of pilgrimage. In 2006, this part of Bohumín celebrated the seven hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of the Bogun colony. In the main church nave, the visitor will see the image of the Virgin Mary "Starobohumínská", which is decorated with two gilded crowns. They were sanctified by Pope John Paul II in 2004 directly in the Vatican and restored the status of the church as a place of pilgrimage. The Pustyňa chapel behind the cemetery in Starý Bohumín is a baroque building from the middle of the 18th century. It was built by two townspeople from Bohumín, who led a hermit life here. The grave of the Counts Henckel from Donnersmarck dates from 1752. It stands near the Old Bohemian church. The Chapel of the Guardian Angels in Starý Bohumín commemorates the disease epidemic that killed almost two hundred people in Starý Bohumín in 1831. The Maryška civic association takes care of its maintenance and the improvement of the surroundings. Many other buildings in the city are included in the list of cultural monuments - see the publication "Bohumín interesting".

A boundary stone from 1742 with an imperial crown was found in 2004 at the confluence of the Odra and Olše rivers. The year 1883 was set in stone later when the borders were changed. Until 2015, the boundary stone was placed on the square of St. Florián in Kopytov, which with an area of 56 m2 is the smallest square in the Czech Republic. An educational trail also leads through this square through the natural monument Hraniční meander of the Odra Border meanders of the river Oder. Since 2016, the boundary stone has been located in the city museum in the Pod Zeleným dubem hotel.

The Swedish Cross in Pudlov (also Cross on the Eagle) is located on cycle route C on Ostravská Street (turning approx. 10 metres to U Kříže Street in Pudlov). The Swedish Cross commemorates the dramatic moments of the Thirty Years' War (1618–1648). At the time when pikemen and musketeers roamed Bohumín, a marshy field called Orla spread out in these places. Today, the Bajcůvka stream flows through here, which crosses Ostravská street. Kalischův kříž is located on Šunychelská street on cycle route K and 6257.

Infantry barracks MO S-5 On the track - the object consists of two fortresses on both sides of the tracks connected by an underground passage. It is the only building of this kind in the entire fortress system that has been declared a cultural monument.